Down Stepney Way


Set in London in September 1940, our story focuses on the lives of a group of youngsters from the East End of London. The action takes place before and after the first German bombing raid of the Blitz, during the afternoon of 7th September. This was the first time that civilian areas of London had been targeted. As a morale booster, the EastEnders decide to revive an old tradition of Thursday night ‘ding-dongs’, a community sing-along in the local pub, The Bull. However, during a rehearsal for the ding-dong an unlikely group of aristocratic visitors arrives at the pub when their car breaks down in the East End. This first chance meeting, which does not go at all well, is destined not to be the last and a romance begins to blossom between Lord William, heir to the Earldom of Gresham, and Mary, a working-class girl from Stepney. An advert in the paper results in both sets of characters auditioning to join ENSA. Neither group expects the other to be there. When the West Enders get through and not the East Enders, William, Edward and Charles decline their place and join the auxiliary fire service instead in order to ‘do their bit for England’. This creates the opportunity for a great act of heroism on the part of the West Enders. Meanwhile, Frank, Alice’s boyfriend, is missing in action, presumed dead. The Bull Tavern is bombed and partly destroyed and it looks as if the dingdong will not take place…

The price of the script includes a licence for 1 performance.

This is a copymaster script with permission to photocopy or print off as many copies as you need for your rehearsals. Once we have received your payment, you will be emailed a download link for your script. If an actor loses a script, simply run off another.

You will need a performance licence for every performance of the play.